The Talk

When is it too soon to tell a child the truth? The Talk debates this question when African American couple, James and Maddie Collins, argue over whether they should start warning their 9 year old son Ricky about police brutality. After watching the news coverage of a young African American teens death by the hands of the police, James is haunted by the thought of his son succumbing to a similar fate. Deciding in his mind that he needs to start to prepare Ricky, he discusses it with his wife Maddie. She on the other hand hates the idea and is very much against it. In her mind, growing up as an African American male will be hard enough for him. And she wants to keep her son young and carefree as long as she can. James and Maddie butt heads about what's best for their son. But when it comes down to it, all they really want to do is keep their little man safe.



The Talk was conceived by Marlon Perrier in 2016 while in Los Angeles for the BHERC film festival. After one of the festival dates, Marlon and then collaborator Racquel Bailey were in a Walgreens when he got a vision of a young child with his hands in the air and two police officers pointing their pistols at his chest. From there The Talk was born. Originally titled Black and Blue, The Talk deals with issues every person of color with children can relate to. The fear of losing their child at the hands of the police. Of course, losing a child in any given situation is a horrible thing. But it is even more tragic and painful when it comes at the hands of the people that are sworn to protect us. The film debates when is the right time to discuss police brutality and valid points are made from both sides. Neither side necessarily being right or wrong. The Talk is neither anti or pro police. But instead focuses on the difficult choices James and Maddie find themselves having to make. Keep Ricky young, innocent and in a sense naive. Or prepare him for the real world and strip away a part of his youth and innocence. Despite their different points of view, James and Maddie are united in the common need that every parent has. The need to protect their children. 

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