Marlon Perrier


Marlon conceived the idea for The Talk back in February of 2016 while in LA attending a film festival for his second short film Jake & Tanya. He wrote, produced, co-directed, co-edited and starred in The Talk. 

Marlon's Bio

Born and raised in New York, Marlon Perrier is a Meisner trained actor, writer and producer who attended the prestigious Morehouse College before returning to NY to join the work force. But in 2011 he left his 9-5 job to follow his dream and pursue acting full time. Since then, he’s accumulated roles on popular shows like “Law & Order: SVU”, “The Blacklist”, “Bull”, “Blue Bloods” and the 2017 film “Going in Style”, where he got to work alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Michael Caine and Matt Dillon. He can next be seen alongside Regina King on the Netflix show “Seven Seconds” premiering on February 23, 2018. “The Talk”is the third short that Marlon has written and produced. “Jake & Tanya” and “Van Ness Avenue” being his first two. He enjoys creating his own content as well as collaborating with other artists. He is currently working on a feature length romantic comedy script that he hopes to sell or produce himself.

Keisha's Bio

Keisha Richards Lafleur


Keisha met Marlon on the set of the Netflix show Seven Seconds and they quickly became friends. After working together on a seperate short film, he was impressed by her ability to direct as well as her passion for her craft. He knew that he needed to have her on this project. Keisha helped Marlon produce, direct and edit The Talk along with starring as his wife Maddie.

Keisha Richards Lafleur is Brooklyn/Queens Native who was bit by the acting bug at an early age, attended her first commercial audition at five years old. The experience opened her eyes to the possibility of a career in show business. Several years later, her first job was working for a Drama program for teenagers, such as herself, where she would often perform. In 2011, she studied Meisner technique at William Esper Studios under the tutelage of Suzanne Esper. She continues to train at Esper Studios to this day, working closely with Terry Knickerbocker and has booked roles on shows like “Power” & “Luke Cage”. Keisha also enjoys creating content. She’s an experienced writer, producer and director who has created her own films such as “Mind Games” and “Know a Good Thing”. All under her production company Twelve 20 Films.

Chris H. Greene


Marlon and Chris met on the short film of a mutual friend called "This House". Chris was the Director as well as DP and Marlon was acting in it. They stayed stayed in touch and Chris was one of the first people Marlon called when he was ready to shoot The Talk. Chris was the DP as well as co editor on the project.

Chris's Bio

Chris is a native of Spring Valley, New York and has recently been directing music videos for several underground up-and-coming artists in the NY area. In 2013, he directed his first web series “Life and Shit”. Quickly after that he started directing several short films. Most notably “This House” which was well reviewed by critics and peers. Chris’s background is very diverse as an Army National Guard highest rank 2nd Lieutenant. But his love for the arts has always remained pure as he was chosen twice by Jazz at Lincoln Center to teach Hip Hop 101 classes in Africa and Asia. Whether in the music industry, teaching dance classes or directing films, Chris has an extensive creative knowledge to pull from for creative work and his eye for aesthetics is what makes his work something to admire and look forward to.

Katherine Marie

Actress/Producer/Boom Operator

Katherine has been a long time collaborator with some of the cast and crew of The Talk, working with some of them on multiple projects in the past. She was a producer on The Talk as well as boom operator and the voice of the newswoman. She also helped cast the role of Ricky in the film.

Katherine's Bio

Katherine Marie is a producer, SAG-AFTRA actor, and commercial print model who is a major foodie and an Iron Chef in her next lifetime. In the past year, she has been fortunate enough to produce a number of projects from music videos to short films. She has booked roles on the tv shows “Blue Bloods” and “Fully Engaged” and worked as a hand model in numerous Dairy Queen commercials. She is a stunt woman as well, having performed stunts on the tv shows “The Get Down” and “Royal Pains”. Her greatest success to date has been raising her amazingly talented children. As a graduate of William Esper Studios, she has learned to live life in the moment and feels grateful doing so while pursuing her dreams.

Marcus Guerrier


Marcus is the cousin of the creator of The Talk, Marlon Perrier. Marcus was cast as Jamal because he had the talent and presence needed to convey Jamal's innocence and naivety. But also Jamal's fear and dread once the situation with the police escalates.

Marcus's Bio

Raised in New York and New Jersey, Marcus Guerrier is an actor/musician and alum of SCVTHS Gifted and Talented Performing Arts Program and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Past screen credits include the short film “Three Faces” and the upcoming webseries “Delivery”. Other credits include Tisch Stageworks’ “RENT” and the People’s Improv Theatre’s “PITS: The Holes Musical” and “Frizzled”. His debut single under music project “MOZIAH” will be available on all streaming platforms in early March.

Frank's Bio

Frank Bal

Stuntman/Actor/Police Officer

Frank Bal plays veteran cop Officer Owens in The Talk. Being a long time friend of his, Marlon knew Frank would be the perfect choice for the role. Especially since Frank has been a police officer for the last 20+ years in New Jersey. Once Frank read the script, he felt that it was a story that needed to be told and become passionate about doing whatever he could to help get this film made.

New Jersey native, Frank Bal is a professional stuntman, actor and as well as a police officer for the West Windsor Police Department. He has been on the force for 21 years and counting. Frank fell into the stunt and acting world by chance in 2014 and quickly found a passion for it. He has performed a multitude of stunt and acting roles on shows like “House of Cards”, “The Blacklist”, “Blue Bloods”, “Gotham”, “Elementary”, “Blindspot” and “Power” just to name a few. He loves what he does and plans to continue it well after he retires from the police force.

John Ressos


John was brought onto the project a little later than the rest of the cast. After the actor who was to play rookie cop Officer Constantine had to leave the project because of a conflict, Marlon thought about friends he knew that had the talent to believably play Constantine. Knowing John well, Marlon didn't hesitate to cast him in the role. Everything happens for a reason and Marlon was very happy to have John aboard.

Johns's Bio

John Ressos is a first generation Greek American who was born in Queens NY, and grew up on Long Island. He has degrees from multiple colleges and a masters in health education and disease prevention. After leaving his teaching job at the D.O.E. he spent two years in Greece working at a vineyard. When he returned to the US he decided he would pursue his passions which included acting and painting. He loves to entertain, and make people laugh. His most recent credits were in “Rosewater”, “The Promise” and “Like Father”.

Taron Carter Pollard


Taron met Marlon on the set of a print ad in 2017. In the ad, Taron and his sister Kylie play Marlon's kids. So it wasn't a stretch to cast Taron in the role of Ricky, James & Maddie's son. If his performance in The Talk is any indication, Taron has a promising acting career ahead of him.

Taron's Bio

TaRon Carter Pollard was born Tuesday, November 16, 2009 in Brooklyn, NY to TaRon and Tamika Pollard. The multitalented Taron, affectionately known as ‘Carter’ is a very bright 8 year old. He dances, sings, plays the snare drum in the famous Brooklyn United Marching Band and is currently a purple belt in Martial Arts. Lately he has developed a love for acting and modeling and has worked on such projects as “Mostly 4 Millennials” for Adult Swim, print work for Novartis and his latest project “The Talk” by Marlon Perrier. Taron's desire is to become a Veterinarian and an actor one day. His biggest dream is to own a mansion for him and his family.

Jonathan's Bio

Jonathan Harris

Lighting Technician

Jonathan was brought onto the project by Keisha, who co directed The Talk. Having worked together before, Keisha knew Jonathan was exactly the person needed to make sure all the actors looked their best. Especially being African American actors, who aren't always lit the way they should be on screen. Jonathan turned out to be an invaluable member of the crew.

Jonathan first started working in the industry on a film called Sacrifice. From there, he worked on shorts and music videos in Texas and moved back to New York to do a mentorship with Film Connections. He was mentored by award-winning Director Sam Borowski and Award-Nominee Writer Rick Dahl.

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